Mantis N.I is a family run online mantis store and breeder. 

Based in Lurgan Northern Ireland. We supply mantis to all of the UK and Ireland.

We started out keeping ants which opened up a whole new world of amazing insects. 

Our first mantis was a pair of Ghosts which quickly turned into a huge collection of over 20 plus species. 

We are currently focusing solely on preying mantis as that's where are passion lies but we also have Jumping Spiders and flower beetles which we will also be offering in the coming months.

We have built a Facebook group with the help of some like minded insect and reptile enthusiasts which is already one of the biggest of its kind. You can join us there for any help, advice and tips on anything animal related or just to share some pics or even chat to some like minded people.

Please join using the button below.

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