Acanthomyrmex thailandensis (Armoured Bigheads)

Acanthomyrmex thailandensis (Armoured Bigheads)

Thailandensis are a newly found species in the hobby only being discovered in 1995 in thailand.

There is not a huge amount of known information but they are found to prefer shallow nesting places just under the surface or under pieces of wood or stones. 


This species has a striking appearance due to the huge size of their heads which is upto 70% of their total mass. majors can reach impressive sizes almost simularto the queen. although they are extremely polymorphic.


Colony Size upwards of 300 workers

Polygyne  1-3 per colony

Temperature 25 to 28 celcius

Hibernation No

Polymorphic Yes

Sting/Spray pinch

DietSeeds, Sugars and small Insects

Nest Type Shallow natural, Acrylic, Sand, Earth, Glass.


Queen – 6mm to 6.5mm

Worker – 3.5mm to 5.5mm