Camponotus Maculatus subnudus

Camponotus Maculatus subnudus

Camponotus maculatus subnudus


‎The Camponotus maculatus subnudus are extremely beautiful animals. ‎
‎The coloring and size of the species appeals to many owners. The animals are moderately aggressive and day-active. ‎
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‎ The ants are very well active and successfully hunt food animals as a large colony. Since the animals have a lot of formic acid, no food animals should be able to run into the nest. ‎
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‎ The development of Camponotus maculatus subnudus is progressing rapidly, similar to other Camponotus species. The animals come from a warm region of Thailand and are therefore not affected by any diapauses.‎


Colony Size upto 2000

Queen Age Upto 25 years


Temperature 24-26 celcius

Hibernation No

Polymorphic Yes workers vary greatly

Sting/Spray Formic acid

Bite Pinch

Diet sugars, small insects

Nest Type Ytong, Plastic, acylic, natural

Queen – 14mm

Worker – 5mm to 13mm