Meranoplus bicolor (Ferry Shield Ants)

Meranoplus bicolor (Ferry Shield Ants)

Bicolor are beautiful little ants easy to keep and only reach a colony size of around 200 -300 roughly. 


 They are characterised for being small, extremely hairy, slow-moving and highly armoured ants, this is why they are commonly known as “Furry Shield Ants”. Most of the Meranoplus species have a heart shaped gaster very similar to Crematogaster.

It is also reported by many keepers they can co-habit with other non aggressive species and they will play dead if threatened.


Colony Size 200-300

Queen Age Upto 15 years


Temperature 22-28 celcius

Hibernation No

Sting/Spray no

Bite no

Diet sugars, small insects

Nest Type Ytong, Plastic, acylic, natural, very adaptable to various conditions

Queen – 9mm

Worker – 3mm to 5mm

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