New Guinea Shield Mantis l4/5

New Guinea Shield Mantis l4/5

New Guinea Shield Mantis nymph l4/5 Tamolanica Tamolana


Short care sheet for New Guinea Shield Mantis:

Origin: Papua New Guinea

Size: up to 8-9 cm (males are smaller)

Temperature: 26-28C day / 22-23 night

Humidity: 60-80%

Difficulty: Moderate


New Guinea Shield Mantis (Tamolanica tamolana) is pretty new species with stunning appearance and body shape/behavioue that somehow resembles Shield Mantis (Rhombodera valida). Color theme is consisting from shadows of brown (from dark brown to sand yellow).

Unlike Rhombodera this species is much more calm and so it suits for handling much better. Also they are very aggressive hunters that attack almost any feeding object just on sight, so no need to worry about possible lack of appetite. From other side – never ever try to keep several  sub adult or adult specimens together as it is cannibalistic species!