Pseudovates Texas unicorn mantis

Pseudovates Texas unicorn mantis


Texas Unicorn Mantis
The TEXAS UNICORN Mantis, or Pseudovates is a stick-like praying mantis from North America. It carries the name “Unicorn Mantis” thanks to a small cone in the middle of his head, resembling a unicorn horn! If you take a closer look, you can see the mantis actually has two tiny “horns” next to each other.

Males reach a size of 6-7cm
Females 8cm

Unicorns only eat flying prey and will not take crawling prey normally. They can easily scoop up flies as they pass by and will patiently sit and wait for the oppourtunuty to arise.

Ideal temperatures is 28°c

Temperatures can vary from 24-33 °c dropping to around 18°c at night time.

Humidity should be kept around 40 -50% only spraying every 4 days for a drink and moisture when close to a molt. Too much humidity can be harmful.

Unicorns typically live in bushes and hedges so the enclosure should have some small sticks twigs and branches typical of many desert species and should have some horizontal perches included.

Unicorns are a communial species and show little to no interest in each other but with any species of mantis caution is always advised especially around adult females.